Seattle Screen Printing

Imagine your very own CUSTOM BRANDED APPAREL without the hassle of researching, sourcing, yada yada…

Seattle Screen Printing-

isn't your typical local screen printer!
We curate COOL apparel and accessories for custom screen printing & embroidery that will make your brand look FRESH & MODERN .

We may be local but we're MIGHTY and have a robust inventory of the
BEST options for apparel customization.

With a dedicated team of T-shirt Guru's on staff...

You'll never have to upload your artwork and "HOPE FOR THE BEST"

Working with a T-shirt Guru  at SEATTLE SCREEN PRINTING is like having your own personal stylist! Your T-shirt Guru will e-mail you an assortment of custom t-shirts, apparel or accessories that are in-line with your aesthetic and budget.

Your Guru will then oversea the entire process from product
selection, pricing, graphic design & screen-printing or embroidery production so your custom branded project is a seamless experience.

T-shirt Printing Seattle- About Seattle Screen Printing
T-shirt Printing Seattle- About Seattle Screen Printing

Skip the hassle.

With over 30 years of experience sourcing, designing and producing some of the coolest custom apparel on the market,  we know how to make BRANDS look good.  

How we work!

We make cool custom apparel super easy at Seattle Screen Printing! You can trust us as your local screen printer but we’re connected. We know how to produce your custom apparel project with the style, fit and budget you are looking for. 

Contact us

Contact us and let us help you design & develop your next promotional apparel products!

T-shirt Guru

Your T-shirt Guru emails you the BEST printable apparel for your project and budget, offers artwork consultation & pre- production technical support.


Your T-shirt Guru will then project manage your print production making sure that everything runs smoothly on your behalf.


Your T-shirt Guru will then see to it that your shipping schedule is aligned with your project deadline and provide tracking.

It's our vibe!

No second-guessing the outcome of your promo apparel here. At Seattle Screen Printing, cool promotional apparel is our vibe!

+ We source the BEST promotional apparel options for your design & budget.

+Work with you directly so you never feel like you are talking to a bot

+ Extend our knowledge as trend forecasters and design gurus to make sure your apparel design is going to be a HIT with your audience.

+Handle the pre-production file formatting and post-production details

T-shirt Printing Seattle- About Seattle Screen Printing

Once you work with a T-shirt Guru at Seattle Screen Printing, you'll never settle for anything less.