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Custom Embroidery Hats


Custom Embroidery Hats

Are you a retail company or business looking to add some major cool factor to your brand? Consider designing a custom embroidery hat with Seattle Screen Printing!

Why embroidery?  Embroidery has a richness to it and adds a higher perceived value to hats, caps and beanies. Coupled with the right design, an embroidery patch to a hat can really elevate the overall look giving your clients a sense of pride to be associated with your brand.

The added benefit of embroidery is the level of quality associated with it. Your imprint is fade resistant and machine constructed for a solid application. Making an embroidery hat, a promotional product that is both classic and will stand the test of time.


Embroidery-Seattle Screen Printing


Color 101 for Custom Embroidery Hats

The maximum amount of colors we can stitch on a patch is 8 while the maximum colors that can be directly embroidered onto your hat is 6.  Anything beyond will incur additional fees but don’t fret! Contact a T-SHIRT GURU If you need help simplifying the artwork!




Photo Realistic Custom Embroidery Hats

Because of the expense of larger designs, 90% of our embroidery is 4″ wide and under. However, we can do large complex designs as well. In fact, we can take a photo or several photos and convert them into a design that can be embroidered. Got a picture of your store? Your team mascot or a cool landscape shot you want to convert into a embroidery patch? We’ll help you nail the look!


Ready to create a cool, custom embroidery hat now? Use our instant design builder here or contact a T-shirt Guru that will help you narrow down the perfect hat, price and design for your custom embroidery hat.


Hats will always be in vogue so you know that your branded custom embroidery hat will serve as your hardest working PR agent, giving your brand maximum exposure to your audience and there community!


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