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Event T-Shirts Really Work. Here’s Why…



If you want to create some serious hype and comradery for your next event (even if it is virtual), You’ll need some great merch!. 

Merch works! Take a cue from the most successful touring musicians, marathon, or tech event. An event t-shirt can offer so much more exposure for your brand, thanks to social sharing! 


Why are Event T-shirts so effective?


  • A custom T-shirt in an event swag bag can amplify your brand message and increase the value of your event.


  • A Custom T-shirt from an event is just begging to be shared on social channels. Think about it. Platforms like Instagram are buzzing with people sharing the people, places, and things they love. An event t-shirt given away at an event can increase your brand reach every time your attendee wears their t-shirt. Your brand can have instant exposure to your demographic’s inner circle and all for the cost of a t-shirt. Can paid advertising be that big of a bargain? I think not!


  • Event merch such as an Event T-Shirt can increase your event revenue. Event merch is an excellent add-on service to provide your attendees. Setting up a merch booth or online Pop-Up Store can drive up brand interest and revenue for your business. Companies like our sister store B-BAM! Are even taking the upfront cost out of adding event merch with complimentary web stores with pre-order products that go into production only when your customers pre-pay for their products. 

Simply put, Event t-shirts work, and when coupled with the right design strategy, they can amplify your brand message and make your business more visible. 

If you are looking for a Seattle Screen Printing company to help you execute a great event t-shirt in Seattle or within the US, look no further than Seattle Screen Printing!

Seattle Screen Printing curates t-shirts with a wide array of t-shirt trends to choose from. Our in-house design team can help you design the perfect event t-shirt for your corporate event or fundraiser. 

To get started, use our t-shirt designer or send us a message, and our t-shirt gurus will get back to you within 24 hours M-Fri.