Guide To Custom T-shirts

A Quick Guide to Custom T-Shirts

Guide to Custom T-Shirts


Looking for the perfect custom-printed shirt for your team, retail business or event can feel overwhelming. We get it!

When you first embark on the challenge of sourcing custom t-shirts, there are so many variables to consider.

Our Guide to Custom T-Shirts can help!

How is the fit? How is the sizing? Does is run small or large? Is it pre-shrunk? What colors are the most popular? What about the quality? Is the art-work set-up properly? Is this the best price available?


Sourcing for custom printed apparel can be tricky!

If the fit, color, quality, weight or artwork isn’t quite right, your customers simply will not wear your apparel as a result  but don’t fret, we’ve got guides for that Screen Printing Guide and Shirt Fabrics . You really don’t need a PhD in t-shirt buying just to get your project off the ground.


A Quick Guide to Custom T-Shirts


Before you begin your search, here are a few things to consider when sourcing shirts for custom printing because getting the right look and feel for your project should be a seamless experience!

Guide to Custom T-ShirtsGuide to Custom T-Shirts



When purchasing shirts for your team or retail business, starting with simple demographic data will help you narrow your search. Who are you serving? What is most important to them, value or quality? Do they prefer a classic style or something more young and edgy? Are they minimalists and loathe flashy logos or are they maximalists that prefer something artsy?



A mature demographic may prefer a more relaxed, heavier weight fit while a millennial might prefer a poly-cotton blend with a vintage feel.


Guide to Custom T-Shirts



Color preferences vary based on location, demographics, industry and your brand’s color palette. However, it is helpful to consider what emotions you are trying to convey by using color psychology. For example, if you are buying t-shirts for a smoothie business, a sorbet pink, lemon yellow or a zesty green color would convey a sense of “freshness”.

Choosing pantone for Screen Printing


Are you buying for a corporate event? Then you may prefer a crisp polo over a  basic t-shirt but perhaps the comfort of a t-shirt with a polished look is more your thing!  With 1000’s of options on the market, we are here to help you find the perfect style for the occasion.


Price Point:

At Seattle Screen Printing We strive to create the perfect fusion between quality, style & affordability! Hit up a T-shirt Guru for a quote!



When designing your apparel blank, again, considering your demographic is a must. We can help you narrow down the final look  and did you know we have on-sight Graphic Designers? We are positioned to help you finesse your final artwork to make sure it is flawless and print-ready so you can deliver the best possible branded apparel for your community!


At B-BAM! Quality printing on a variety of fresh and modern shirts is our thing! From season to season, we know what the market place is looking for and how to help your business deliver the goods.

At B-BAM! We make it simple by being your personal SWAG project manager! Why does that matter?
Having a dedicated B-BAMINAL source the perfect shirt for custom printing that suits your demographic can save you time and money and help you turn your clients or staff into raging fans of your swag! If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen!

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