Local Screen Printer

Local Screen Printer

Why you should use a  Local Screen Printer to produce your custom apparel

With so many  custom t-shirt shops available online, one might wonder, wouldn’t it just be easier to order custom t-shirts  through any one of these large corporations online?

Yes, the process is as easy as attaching a file online but….


  1. Can you trust that your custom t-shirt order will look it’s best.
  2. Can you trust that they will flag an issue and hold production if there is a problem with your submitted artwork?
  3. Do they have high caliber designers on staff to help make any design adjustments or suggestions?
  4. Do they have an excellent curation of apparel products with quality materials and a fit that your clients will actually want to wear?


Statistics show that 30% of promotional t-shirts are never even worn. 


That 30% goes straight to the landfill and leaves a bad impression on your clients. 

It’s not a deal nor is it an affordable option, if your custom screen printed t-shirts end up in a landfill, instead of on your customers. 

When you work with a local screen printer, like Seattle Screen Printing, you are getting expert industry experience. Not an outsourced call center of reps but project managers, graphic designers and garment buyers that hand pick every curated apparel offered.


You just can’t get that level of detail and security from an online custom t-shirt screen printing store slingin’ $2 t-shirts. Manufacturing a t-shirt takes a lot of resources, why not make it count? Design a t-shirt with industry veterans that understand what it takes to create quality product and design. At Seattle Screen Printing, we know what makes a t-shirt epic! Yes, a great design matters but if the t-shirt has a frumpy fit, your customers will not feel compelled to wear it. 


Bottom line is you just can’t skimp on designing a great t-shirt. If you have a vision for your brand or need help with your design, our T-shirt Guru’s are here to help!

Check out our T-Shirt Designer for a virtual preview of your product or contact a T-Shirt Guru to get started

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